A micro-school? Why?

I’ve had the privilege to visit hundreds of schools. If I could assign a score or grade, the school’s I’ve visited would fill a typical curve — some schools are great and some schools are not so great. But, there were great teachers in every school I’ve visited. And, there were students that wanted to learn in every school I’ve visited. So, my leanings begged a question: how we can connect more great teachers with kids that want to learn.

The traditional answers to the question of “greater learning access” range from re-engineering existing schools to building new charter schools. Most of these solutions are dated, costly and it is hard to determine if they achieve the goal.

Our solution is based in the tiny or micro school concept. Tiny schools are quick, cheap, metric-driven schools that serve less than 100 students. These schools utilize shared community resources. Instead of spending money on facilities and bureaucracy, Tiny Schools utilize an asset light or lean start-up model. The focus is on great programs and great teachers.

Tiny Schools is following the democratization phenomenon (think Uber or Air B n B), forming a movement we’ll call The Democratization of Learning. We strive to bring high quality education to the non-consumers: making an educator (teacher) led program available to those that don’t have access. Advanced technology, the recognition of project based learning and access to information enable a micro school to be a terrific (and highly accessible) canvas for learning.

If the challenge is to place great teachers in a position to be successful, then we believe the tiny or micro is the solution.

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