We’ve made a lifelong commitment to help young people grow and succeed.

Wouldn’t it be cool if kids loved coming to school every day? Generally speaking, the story of Middle School is the story of an unfortunate correlation: kids’ minds and bodies develop the fastest, while their interest in school tends to wane. And oftentimes, uninspired performance isn’t the student’s fault– Middle schools often use the most formulaic, least adventurous curriculums. Let’s change that.

We think the middle years (10-14) is precisely time to expose students to a micro-school model focused on personal development, hands-on learning, and global engagement.

Our school unites curious, energetic learners with talented teachers. No summative tests, no red tape. The philosophical backbone is simple: we encourage educators to build timeless outcomes into their courses instead of targeting scores. Global citizenship, collaboration, self-awareness, service, compassion, and grit, these are the interpersonal and interpersonal skills that make for strong performances in high school and beyond. If a young learner can develop a strong sense of themselves as brilliant, compassionate individuals, and feel comfortable taking risks along the way, then they can truly succeed in whatever they chose to do.


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