What Is a Micro School? And Where Can You Find One?

by Arianna Prothero Micro schools—private schools with sometimes as few as a half dozen students—are popping up in places from Silicon Valley to Washington, D.C. And along the way, they’ve been generating excitement inside school choice circles and tech and business publications like Wired and Fast Company. Some experts predict micro schools have the potential…

What if we tested schools the way chefs test new restaurants?

by Matt Candler I am obsessed with this question — HOW do we create next generation schools? Most of the great educators we all know are considered superheroes; they’ve defied the odds to create next generation solutions for their kids. But what if we could change the ODDS? What if next generation schools were the norm, not…

The Rise of AltSchool and Other Micro-schools

by Michael B. Horn From San Francisco to Austin, Texas, to New York, new forms of schooling termed micro-schools are popping up. As of yet, there is no common definition that covers all these schools, which vary not only by size and cost but also in their education philosophies and operating models. Think one-room schoolhouse…


by Matt Candler What the future of school might look like — as long as we don’t treat it like a silver bullet I’m not the first person to talk about micro-schools. Small, human-scale schools have served as the preferred choice for most folks throughout the history of schooling. Unfortunately, industrial-age principles of scale efficiency and standardization…

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