If you have a teacher who inspires curiosity, you have a model for a great class. At Tiny Schools, we give innovative and knowledgeable educators access to the best education technology and help them build immersive, project-based curriculums. When you use your resources, great things happen.

The project-based courses all explore different material, but each “journey” looks something like this: begin a group or solo project, ask questions, explore the material, fail, rework, learn what you don’t know, engage with and master those skills, finish, and reflect. 

Learners acquire the “testable” knowledge (math, science, writing) built-in to each course when they reckon with the knowledge and skills they’ll need in order to complete their project.  When they dive into a hands-on experience that really demands their imagination, learners care about what they make, retain more information, and truly own their education.

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